Ready For Your Family

4635 Farrier Way – Roseville (Doyle Ranch): Just west of Roseville, along the beautiful Dry Creek Woodlands sits Doyle Ranch and this wonderful large family home which features 4 bedrooms and 4 full bathrooms in over 3,800 square feet of living space. In addition to the four bedrooms there are two large game/bonus rooms which could be bedrooms. This home has it all and then some. Information and Virtual Tour.

Offered at $579,985

Moving on up!

The good news is we are starting to see more clients who want to sell their current home and buy a new house. Some of these have outgrown the current house and need more space. Others have the opposite problem, over the past few years kids have left the nest and the current home is too large. Others want to move to different neighborhoods or want to move to a more rural setting. Whatever the reasons this is another sign of our Sacrament housing recovery but unfortunately is not as easy as it sounds. If you are interested in reading about why it is not easy and some possible strategies, check out my weekly real estate column, “Strategies for Move-up Buyers,” over at Rocklin & Roseville Today or Sacramento Today.

Citrus Height Listing

8133 Lin Oak Way – Citrus Heights
(95610): Great Price! This 1,127 square foot home has wonderful floor plan featuring 4 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms and is located in an established neighborhood. Nice layout with well utilized square footage. The kitchen is bright and open with ample cabinet/counter space and has a gas stove and new dishwasher. There are upgraded laminate floors throughout the home and dual pane windows.

Offered by Amber Williams at $219,000

Dying Easter Eggs

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There are many family traditions for Easter but there’s no need to buy special kits for dyeing Easter eggs—all the ingredients you need are probably already in your cupboards. This recipe uses liquid food coloring, but you can also use paste. Experiment with combining different colors to produce new shades—for instance, 17 drops of yellow and 3 of red will produce a brilliant orange.


For the ingredients, instructions and some other ideas see the full article on my website.


For each color

  • 1 teaspoon white vinegar
  • About 20 drops liquid food coloring
  • White-shelled hard-boiled eggs


To make 1 color
Line large baking sheet with paper towels and top with wire cooling rack.

In small bowl or cup, stir together 1/2 cup boiling water, vinegar, and food coloring. Immerse eggs in dye, turning occasionally to ensure even coating, until desired color, about 5 minutes. Using slotted spoon or tongs, remove eggs from dye and transfer to rack to drain. Refrigerate when dry.

Test-Kitchen Tips Here are some ways to create designs on your eggs:

  • Wrap a portion of the egg with a rubber band before dying. Once the egg is dry, remove the rubber band to reveal the white, undyed strip underneath.
  • Another way to block off portions of the egg: Affix stickers or tape in shapes such as daisies or dots before dyeing. Remove once the egg is dry.
  • A third way to block off portions: Before dying, draw on the egg with a light-colored crayon or wax. If desired, once the egg is dry, the wax can be softened by holding the egg over a candle flame and then wiped off.
  • All three of these methods can also be used to create two-toned eggs: Dye the whole egg a light color, such as pink, and let it dry. Then wrap the egg with a rubber band, affix stickers, or draw a design in crayon. Dye the egg a second color, such as blue. Once dry, remove the rubber band, stickers, or crayon. The areas blocked off will remain the first color (in this case, pink), while the rest of the egg will turn a combination of the 2 colors (in this case, purple).
  • Dip a portion of the egg in one color and another portion in another color. If the two sections overlap, that area will turn a combination of the two colors.

Meet Tabitha

Michael and I are excited to have Tabitha Gomez joining our MagnumOne Realty Family. She brings over 25 years of real estate and mortgage financing experience with her and grew up locally so knows the Sacramento area well. She and her husband, Michael, live in Rocklin, enjoy boating, water skiing, good wine, and love Hawaii. Now you know why they will fit in with our team so well. Tabitha is client orientated Realtor and strives to match her clients with the right property and close each transaction efficiently and smoothly.

Home Prices

The rain has passed and we are enjoying the first real warm days of the year. As ready as I am for spring and being outdoors more often, I hope we still have some cooler days before we move into the hot days of summer. With the lack of rain and low water levels in our lakes and reservoirs this could be a long hot and dusty summer.

What is going well are home values and prices in the Sacramento area. If you want to learn move, check out my weekly real estate column, “Sacramento Area Home Prices,” over at Rocklin & Roseville Today and Sacramento Today.


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According to statistics from the Bureau of Labor, the number of employed people aged 25 to 34 is lower now than it was in the 1980s, which spells trouble for the housing market since this demographic group will struggle to become prime candidates for buying houses. The economic impact of a lack of first-time buyer sales has caused some experts to describe the market as looking a bit soft.

New Rocklin Listing

2609 A.Fnt_002Zephyr Cove – Rocklin (95677): Spacious ground floor condo in the very desirable gated community a Pacific Sunset in Rocklin.  This condo features two large bedrooms, two full bathrooms in 1,087 square feet of living space.  The unit includes wood burning fireplace, private patio, all kitchen appliances, washer & dryer and is immaculately maintained.  More Information -  Virtual Tour -   Photos

Offered at $184,900

Distressed Housing Market


In years past I specialized in helping clients avoid foreclosure by doing a short sale.  At one time I recall working on 25 short sales at the same time.  Today we do not have a single short sale listing.  I know there are still a few out there so looked up some numbers.  If you are interested in finding out how much a part of total sales were distressed during the recession,  how they have declined over the past five years, how home prices have increased and where they are expected to go this year, check out my weekly real estate column, “Distressed Housing Market Shrinking,” over at Rocklin & Roseville Today.

Flood Insurance and Selling Tips

Earlier this week, President Obama signed the “Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act” into law. This law repeals FEMA’s authority to increase premium rates at time of sale or new flood map, and refunds the excessive premium to those who bought a property before FEMA warned them of the rate increase. The bill limits premium increases to 18 percent annually on newer properties and 25 percent for some older ones. Additionally, the bill adds a small assessment on policies until everyone is paying full cost for flood insurance.

With the spring home selling season starting, my weekly real estate column has some tips for homeowners considering listing their homes. Check out “Four Tips for the Spring Home Selling Season” over at Rocklin & Roseville Today and Sacramento Today.

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